sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

EU after the Crisis: Evolution or Revolution?

First of all, the purpose of the European Union is to promote the democracy and fundamentally better relationships between all the Countries in the World. For that reason, the entire crisis, the Economical and the Social, should be considered as an important factor of development. All crises are supported by the lack of assurance. Every institution is composed by individualities, so, if the credit between them is negative, certainly all adjacent subjects are going to be affected.

The EU is an example of belief, convictions, principles and opportunities. Therefore, the word revolution never is the better choice. The evolution of the democracy is, undoubtedly, the next step to a healthier world.

Evolution only can be considered if we can expand our intellectual capacity. Throughout history, technology has evolved the international mentality about all discussion points are now based on new assumptions, all crisis were controlled by newest organizational methods and, fundamentally, the democracy is mostly rooted in civilization. Synthesizing, we always seek for new paradigms and, surely, this is called evolution.

The great issues about the crisis are the consequences of them. Do we have the necessary knowledge to assimilate all the lessons of them? Can we base our actions in history? These are two questions to assimilate and discuss.

The word revolution never answers to both questions. In almost every revolution, the consequences are disastrous and history confirms that theory. However, if we base our discussions in an intellectual perspective, we can solve every problem in the world. Concluding, if we are talking about evolution, we need to base our discussion in a rational view.

In conclusion, European Union is an example for every Nation in the World, and for that reason needs to understand and internalize that, after every single consternation or crisis, we need to learn with them in order to become more auto-sufficient. This is called evolution.

Excerto pessoal.

Marco Dias Rodrigues